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Terms Of Use

There is a lot of interest to use Jody’s artwork for... graphics, tags,web page decoration, psp tubes etc... Jody is thrilled and flattered by the number of you that want to use her artwork and wants it to be enjoyed by many!

We are requesting that you follow her usage guidelines exactly because we want to diminish the improper use of the art by some who illegally profit from it. We further request that if you have seen Jody's art being mis-used, please inform us at Unauthorized reproduction of Jody's art for profit is illegal.

Those of you seeking to use Jody's art for non profit graphics (web sets, web page decoration, e-cards, sig tags, avatars, etc.) will find all the answers to your questions below. While we love to hear from fans we simply do not have time to read and answer all e-mails concerning our usage policy. While we appreciate the gesture, it clogs up our inbox! Please see below for our usage instructions.

Also thank you once again for your interest and support of Jody's artwork!

Not For Profit & Personal Usage Policy

Sharing Jody's art with your visitors on your web page.

We welcome fans of Jody's art to post her artwork on their non-profit web sites if they comply with our usage rules which are listed here:
1) Supply a written credit to Jody as the artist on each page that an image is on or a direct link to us at: (we love for you to put a link on your art because it helps create more interest in Jody's work).

We offer the below samples for your convenience.

Basic Text... you can type this in on your image
© Jody Bergsma –

HTML Code... this is very easy to use, copy the text below and paste it below your image.

Most Forums or Bulletin Boards Systems (BBS)... this is very easy to use, copy the text below and paste it below your image.
[url=""]© Jody Bergsma –[/url]

2) A slight change of the original image is okay, for example, feathering the edges, adding sparkles to the images,or animating...(not for adult usage please) etc. Please respect Jody and Jody's art and try to show it as she originally intended it to look.

For use as a permanent tattoo.

We love to see Jody's art as may use her art but will need a tattoo artist to create your line art and stencil. All we request is that you go on line and purchase a $10.00 raw 8 by 10 inch open edition print of the image. (You may also call us during business hours to place your $10.00 order...360-733-1101 ext. 0)

This creates revenue for Bergsma and also gives you a beautiful, accurate and large image for your tattoo artist to work from and then later keep as a collectible.

Colors may be altered for tattoo purposes. We love to see your Bergsma tattoos! Please send any pictures you like to At some point, we will be creating a gallery of tattoos!

For use as desktop wallpaper, or printing out our web images.

If you like one of Jody's pieces enough to save it to your desktop - please share the name of the artist and her website if others ask who the artist is. Artwork of Jody's that is found online is often 'web-ready' and have been saved at extremely low resolutions to allow for quicker viewing, and therefore will not print well. We encourage you to purchase your favorite print instead... we assure you that our prints are vibrant, highly detailed and look 100% more exciting in person that what is posted on the web :-)

Web graphics, Web sets, psp tubes, Signature Tags & Stationery.

This is a popular category! Jody has been kind enough to allow the use of her art as web graphics that are non-profit and just for fun. But... there are several guidelines you must comply with to continue to use her artwork for these purposes. We always require a link back to us and a name credit similar to the following...

Web Graphics: For Dollz, Globes, Awards, and other graphics, we request a link and name credit to us under each creation each time it is posted on-line. If you are allowing people to take these to use in other places, please explain that they must do this as well.
Web Sets: Non-commercial web sets only. Each set must have our link and name credit visible on the first or 'home' page. We do not allow you to charge in any way for sets made with Jody's art.
Signature Tags/Avatars: We do allow our artwork to be used for this purpose if Jody has a name credit written on the actual signature as well as Jody's website included in it or below it in the case of images. Each and every time that signature or avatar is posted somewhere, it must have the name credit and website address visible.
Stationery: You can use our artwork for the creation of non-profit stationery if you provide the name credit and clickable link within the body of the stationery so that anyone sending or receiving it will be able to see that Jody is the original artist and will be able to visit her web site by way of the link.

For Profit & Commercial Usage Policy

For-Profit Usage, Logos, Etc.

Jody's art may not be used for any for-profit ventures or for use on any commercial web sites without a contract which has been approved and signed by Jody and her representative. Companies wishing to use one of Jody's images as a logo must contact us with the nature of their company. Please note, we do require a usage fee in order to allow the use of an image for the purposes of a logo, letterhead, business cards, ads, etc.

Usage On Commercial, For-Sale Products

Anyone wishing to use Jody's art on a product they plan to sell must contact us with the details of their proposed project at At that time we will review the project and decide if it is something we want to be a part of. If so, we will respond with a proposed contract and royalty rate. You may not use Jody's art on any commercial products or for-sale items unless you have a written and signed contract along with an agreed-upon royalty rate! We reserve the right to either accept or reject licensing offers at our sole discretion. For a complete and up to date list of licensed Jody Bergsma products, refer to our Licensing page, which includes links to separate sites.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I buy a painting or product can I use it for my own product or reproduce it?

Modifying and reselling artwork in another form without written permission is illegal. Only Bergsma Gallery Press or our contracted licensees are authorized to modify and reproduce Jody's art. This "derivative works right" law protects the artist's ability to present her art as she intends.

• Any Bergsma image may be altered for personal use. Any modified art may not be sold.
• An item may be legally resold if in its original, non-modified form.
• This no-modification policy also applies to the purchase of an original work.

If I buy an original painting, do I hold the rights to that image?

Jody Bergsma retains full ownership rights to any original art, even after it is sold. This is a standard practice throughout the art world. This means Bergsma Gallery Press may reproduce prints or products from that image in any form.

Do you have any free backgrounds / banners / etc?

You can make them as you like from images on the web.

Can I use Jody's art for a logo / business card / business stationery / etc?

Most likely, yes. Bergsma requires a fee depending upon the size of your company and / or application. Please contact for inquiries.

Can I use Jody's art to illustrate a book?

Only with special permission. Contact

Can I use Jody's art for a school project?

Yes. Please include Jody's full name, "Jody Bergsma," on your presentation.

Can I have one of Jody's images painted on my wall / car / etc?

Yes. Please purchase a high quality 8 by 10 open edition print for 10.00 and use that as you art guideline. This is better that the images you can print out from the web and will give you a better finished piece. You must include "original art by Jody Bergsma."

What if if find Jody's art misused elsewhere?

If you suspect that Jody's artwork is being reproduced or sold illegally, please contact We appreciate your help!

What is Bergsma Galleries Return Policy

Your satisfaction with our products is guaranteed. If you are not fully satisfied with your purchase you may return it to the gallery within 30 days for an exchange or credit (less shipping & handling). Please contact the gallery at 800-BERGSMA or for a return authorization. Package merchandise securely; include instructions on exchange or credit, & a copy of your receipt.

Send returns to:
Bergsma Gallery
1301 Fraser Street #A-6
Bellingham, WA 98229

Can you give me information about Copywriting?

For more information on copywriting, please visit


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