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Frequently Asked Questions


May I link to your site?
Yes, and we appreciate your support! We are currently designing a collection of banners. Please check back soon for more information.
When linking to, please observe our TERMS OF USE policies, as a courtesy and (in some instances) a legal necessity. Click HERE for more information.

Do you have a guestbook?
Yes, and we would love to hear from you! Please click HERE.

Do you have a mailing list?
Yes, we do. Click HERE to join either our snail mail list or our email list. We guarantee to only use your information for updates, sales, show notices, new painting releases, etc. We will never sell or share your information.

My contact information has changed. How do I continue to receive information by mail or email?
Visit our CONTACT PAGE to get in touch with us.

How do I update my account information?
Please first login to your account by visiting the LOGIN PAGE. Once you have logged in click the UPDATE YOUR PROFILE button to your right or click here.

How do I unsubscribe from your mailing list?
Simply click "Unsubscribe" at the bottom of the latest bergsma newsletter or contact us through our CONTACT page and let us know that you'd rather not receive any emails from us.

May I order a catalog?
Click HERE to purchase one. You will also receive a catalog if you place an order online at no additional charge.


How much will my shipping cost?

FREE SHIPPING ON RETAIL ORDERS OVER $149 IN THE CONTINENTAL US (excludes Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico)

Shipping totals will be determined at the time of shipment based on the weight, size and distance. What we charge the customer is a reflection of what it cost Bergsma Gallery to ship to you. If you would like to know what your shipping charges will be, please email or call 360.733.1101 ext. 13.
We're sorry, this program is not applicable to wholesale orders.

How are products delivered?

Orders are sent standard ground shipping via UPS or the US Postal Service (PO Boxes, International, Alaska, and Hawaii.) For faster delivery, customers can request overnight or second day air for an additional fee. (Use our comments box or call for this option.)

Bergsma Gallery Return Policy

Your satisfaction with our products is guaranteed. If you are not fully satisfied with your purchase you may return it to the gallery within 30 days for an exchange or credit (less shipping & handling). Please contact the gallery at 800-BERGSMA or for a return authorization. Package merchandise securely; include instructions on exchange or credit, & a copy of your receipt.

Send returns to:
Bergsma Gallery
1301 Fraser Street #A-6
Bellingham, WA 98229

How long should it take to process and ship my order?

Our standard delivery time is 7 to 10 business days. If you need a rush delivery, please call us and we will try to meet your needs. When your order is shipped UPS, we will send you an email with a UPS tracking number.

Bergsma uses...
- UPS... our most common domestic carrier.
     3 - 7 business days (Domestic orders only)
- USPS First Class mail...
     7 - 14 business days (PO Boxes, International, Alaska and Hawaii.)
- Priority Mail...
     4 business days (Domestic orders only)
- Special requests for shipping or delivery...
     Please call Bergsma or email specific shipping instructions.

Can I ship my order to an address that doesn't match the address of my credit card?

Bergsma offers drop shipping. Customer's purchases can be sent to any address. Simply fill out the recipient's address on the order form page.

Are there any limitations on where orders can ship to?

Bergsma Gallery ships to all 50 states in the US and internationally with a valid international address. Items shipping off-shore may be delivered via US Postal or UPS based upon lowest cost, applicable regulations, and service criteria.
Canadian customers receive their orders through the Canadian Post. Bergsma is not responsible for any duties, taxes, or custom fees.


What's your privacy or security policy?
By visiting, you are accepting the practices described in this Privacy Policy.

You provide us personal and financial information when you place an order, use our guestbook, email us a question/request, or place comments on Jody's blog, etc. We use this information to assist you with your purchases, questions or comments and will never provide this information to a third party.

Does Bergsma use a service to secure customer orders online?
Yes, customer service is our goal. To accomplish our store being safe and secure for you we utilize Full HTTPS/SSL support which creates a secure connection from our server to your computer.


What is the difference between Open Edition and Limited Edition Prints?
Traditionally, "Open Edition" means that there is no limit to the number of prints made. "Limited Edition" means that the print will only be printed a limited number of times. That number is pre-determined when the artist completes the PROOFING process. Limited Edition prints therefore rise in value much more than the Open Editions.

Our Limited Editions also have some other values added. They are hand signed by the artist while the Open Editions have a printed signature. Also, the Limited Editions are GICLEE PRINTS, and the Open Editions are Ink Jet prints.

What is a Giclee Print?
The term "giclee print" connotes an elevation in printmaking technology. Images are generated from high resolution digital scans and printed with archival quality inks and watercolor fine art paper. The giclee printing process provides better color accuracy than other means of reproduction. Our giclee's (aka Limited Edition Prints) are hand signed, numbered and matted with archival mats.

What is a raw print?
You may order a print by itself, without matting or framing from Bergsma. This is considered "Raw."

If I buy a 8 x 10 inch framed print, is the image 8 x 10" or is the frame 8 x 10"?
We go by frame and / or outer matt size in our size charts. An 8 x 10 inch print then means that it frames and / or mats up to 8 x 10 inches and the image size is smaller. We find that this helps people judge what is best suited for their wall. See the size chart below for a detailed breakdown of our sizes:

What are Artist Proofs?
An artist proof is a print that was reviewed and contemplated by the artist to check for quality and color validity before any more prints are made. They are signed by the artist and numbered showing the quantity of artist proofs available. Because of their very low edition they are usually valued more than any other type of print. They also go up in value at a higher percentage rate than the regular limited edition when the edition is sold out. Aside from numbers, this is also because the artist took time to personally check and guarantee that there are no flaws in the print.

Are Jody's original sketches for sale?
Yes, click HERE to see sketches available for sale. Contact for inquiries.

Does she sell prints of her sketches?
No prints are made for sale of her original sketches.

Where can I purchase a Jody Bergsma original?
Click HERE to view the originals we currently have available for sale. Contact for details.

May I be put on a list to be notified of new Jody Bergsma original paintings and sketches?
Yes, please sign up for our mailing list. We will alert you when new sketches and paintings become available. You may email to place a request for one of the items or call us at 1-800-BERGSMA (237-4762).

I've seen a Jody Bergsma image and I am interested in purchasing the original painting. How do I find out if the original, the original sketch, or artist proofs are still available?
Click HERE to view originals currently available for sale. Click HERE to view original sketches. Contact to inquire about artist proofs.

I found a product that looks like it was made from a Jody Bergsma painting, but it was created by another company. Is this an authentic Jody Bergsma product?
Through the years Jody has developed relationships with companies (also known as licensees) that create products from her original paintings.

You may come across Bergsma products or Bergsma Licensed Products on other websites or even stores in your local area that are not on In those cases, it is entirely possible that the product has been discontinued and is no longer available from or a Bergsma Licensee.

If you are concerned that a product may not actually be a Bergsma product or Bergsma Licensed product, please feel free to contact

How can I find out the value of my Jody Bergsma print or product OTHER than an original, sketch, or artist proof?
We receive frequent phone calls and email regarding the value of a Jody Bergsma purchase. Many of you have grown up receiving Jody's DreamKeeper pieces as gifts or have personally collected her work. Secondary market values for Jody's products, like any other collectable or artwork, varies and can be determined by many different factors. We ask that you surf the internet first. There are some of Jody's items being sold on the secondary market via online auction sites. This may give you an idea of what people are currently purchasing these items for.

If a print or product you own is still currently in circulation, meaning you can still find this piece on our website or in our catalog, please use our retail pricing as a guideline.

I am selling my collection of Bergsma prints or collectables. Will you sell them for me? Do you have a consignment program?
We do not currently resell previously owned Jody Bergsma products. Due to the overwhelming opportunities online to sell secondary market items, we suggest using a very popular online auction site or other resource to sell your collections.

I am selling my Bergsma original and / or original sketch. Will you sell them for me, or do you have a consignment program?
Please contact with details.


I am looking for an old print of ___________, and can't find it on your website. Do you have prints available that aren't on the site?
We do have some images in our archives that have not been loaded onto the site because of the sheer multitude of paintings Jody has done. If you have a special request for a print, please email to see if we have it.

Do you sell Wholesale?
Yes we do. Click HERE to see our Wholesale Information.

Do you offer Lay-away?
We're sorry, but no.


Does Jody ever take suggestions for painting subjects?
Yes, she does. We welcome your suggestions but would like you to please note: If you choose to send Jody a suggestion and she chooses to paint it, credit will not be given and no monetary value will be awarded to you.

Who / what are you inspired by?
"Walking on the edge of reality.

One of the most frequent questions that I am asked is where do you get your ideas? When I was young and asked to draw from my dreams and imagination I diverged onto a path that is not always encouraged in children.
Drawing reality is the normal subject matter for kids and my dreams were far removed from the mundane.

Developing one's imagination at an early age opens a door in the psyche that stays open for life.

I have a friend that says... 'when you use your imagination you have a well that will never run dry.'

That is the infinite birthplace of ideas, inventions, and art.

I also love nature. Placing animals and symbols in my dream landscapes is one of my favorite ways to share the feeling of my inner world with others.
I find ancient symbols and language facinating.

My visits to History Museums introduced me to the mysterious patterns that are woven throughout my paintings.

Symbols and geometry resonate in a deep place within me.

Jung might say they awaken our collective memories making us feel connected and anchored in the experience of life."

What is your process?
"I keep a journal where I draw my ideas as they arrise. Inspiration may come from something I see, a comment from a friend or collector or one of my night dreams. I then make a quick thumbnail sketch into my notebook with any details that I will need later. When I begin my season of drawing, which usually begins in the spring, I have my journals full of ideas waiting for me.

My goal is to have my subconscious mind deliver to the paper a fresh new look at the world. I complete many drawings and the final, best ones eventually become the finished watercolors that you see in this website."

Do you critique fan artwork?
"Yes, I am happy to meet with other artists and give constructive advice and share ideas.
I am usually available for visits on Thursdays at the warehouse in Bellingham."

Do you do public speaking or art classes?
"I have spoken to large groups in the past, but have now decided it is best to leave that to the professionals!
I have also taught large classes, but no longer do that either.
I do have one young brilliant student who is 10 and am really enjoying our weekly lessons together."

Any advice for artists just starting out?
"When I was young I loved to paint more than anything else. It was easy for me to complete a painting everyday after school. The world is very busy and any young person hoping to make a career out of art must make time for being alone (and productive) in the art studio. This must be part of your cannot do art unless you love it!

The more art you do the better you will become. Every pinnacle you reach in your talents will be followed by a new peak. Get art books from the library on how to paint and try out new things. Keep a sketck book of quick drawing ideas and record the date and your thoughts at the time. Remember that art is for communication and expression for of your deepest ideas and ideals.
Go to art shows and galleries for inspiration. Find art classes and friends who like to paint and share this love. Visit art museums as a goal for one of your trips. Ask your parents to take you as one of your family vacation goals. I hope some of these comments will help you and if you have more questions you are welcome to write to me.

Best wishes and happy painting."

Why do you use symbols in your art?
"I have always loved aboriginal art. I first encountered Native symbols in my hometown because of the Lummi Indian Tribe in our county. Their totem poles and designs found there way into my early contemporary work. As I traveled to museums around the world our ancestor's sacred icons continually fascinated me. I have incorporated them into many of my original designs."

Why do you put red strings around the animals in your DreamKeeper prints?
"Native Americans have a tradition to invoke protection and healing by using red cloth and red ties. I adopted their practice and placed these fine red strings as bows on many animals in my original children's illustrations. Putting a red ribbon on frogs was my favorite. I've always collected them and with their numbers threatened I wanted to wish for their protection."

. . . . .

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